José has been designing and making fonts for more than 10 years. He used to work at Dalton Maag and had many roles, from Engineer and Font Developer to Font Development Technical Manager.

On top of designing typefaces, engineering, hinting, and QAing fonts, he has lead projects big and small, as well as managed a team of font developers for a few years.

As a font developer he’s lead different teams on a variety of projects such as the Lomino family for Magic Leap, Netflix Sans family extension, Agoda Sans Text and Display for Agoda, among many others he can not talk about at the moment.

As an engineer he’s supported colleagues on projects such as Bookerly and Ember for Amazon, the Ubuntu fonts, Nokia Pure Klingon, Google Scope One for Google Fonts, a suite of fonts for the Facebook app as well as fonts for Meta, among others.

As part of the team at Dalton Maag he has also worked on a few of their library fonts like Aktiv Grotesk, InterFace, Effra and Mokoko.

Through the Alphabettes Mentorship Program he has offered support and guidance to people starting on their type design journey. He was part of the jury for Young Guns 19. He was also a reviewer of the Fonts chapter for the HTTP Archive’s 2022 Web Almanac.

He gave a pretty nice talk together with Sahar Afshar about their research into making glyphs extend and the process of creating a specification for a new variable font axis (GEXT). They made some fun demos too. They live together in London.